My latest guitar wiring theorem. If it works, I shall be content.

My latest guitar wiring theorem. If it works, I shall be content.

The poet
never wrote of
his love for me,
which is how
I am certain it
was never there.

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young hearts’ poison


somehow i know
that if i cut
my hair, dye it
yellow- pierce my tongue
introduce my taste buds
to other women
i will still be your prisoner

so i leave my hair as is
and leave you on my tongue
and wear the same

after all, why would i
want to be anything other
than the young kid
you fell in love with?

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Do you ever feel
Like you’re the trigger
And everything else is moving quicker
Than a house of cards
Falling down

On the pier
Don’t we appear like little stars
Just watching the waves laugh
Hoping that the moon will bring them back again

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The humid air flowing through the screen door, breathing it in
Left to find a meaning South of shreveport, leaving again

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Snippet 3c

It’s funny
How a life can change in the moment
You open up your heart the second hers closes

Jay Brannan and me after his show in Boston. Wish I could open for this guy one day!

Jay Brannan and me after his show in Boston. Wish I could open for this guy one day!

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Snippet 2a

Another cold November sets again
Another old friend to lie to
Never told me that she was leaving
Just said she was never coming back

I thought I won,
But I lost the war that pokes
Found out my gun was always my finger and thumb
Pointing towards yours
Love leaves no casualties
Only formalities
How have you been?
Good. Good!
Cause I’ve been a wreck
Good. I still haven’t loved you yet.

Drenched in absinthe, he picks up a matchstick
“One more hit” he says
There’s no sense in sensing abstinence
Anaemic, froze so cold
And so he puts on an old coat
And slips up his bandages
Ravaged and ravenous
Offensive stench on a bench
And a mindset of savages
He said ‘bring it’
But he’s talking to no one
Everyone left
If they didn’t already disown him

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Random Rhyme

Got a rhyme on the table think I’ll save it for later
My mind is alphabetic I try to numb it with paper
I’ve written things that put a cross between me and my maker
Once I quit going to church Jesus looked at me greater

Snippet 1a

She asked me to write her beautiful poems right there in the moment
Get a hold of it
And then I told her
They only know me
I don’t know them
I fly with an old pen
And spoke where there were no men
Who were formed out of old hymns
I’ll sing it to them, my old friends


Why are so many things written full of such sorrow?
So sad, serious?
Cause life is like that box of cereal That took its place at the head of the table in the kitchen during Saturday morning talks
The moments I had alone with my dad they’re the closest I’m ever gonna be to god

And there’s beauty in that

Spaceship Notes

When I think of you
I remember how cold the moon must be

I found myself revolving around someone else
You are a sun
Your soul cannot be contained though I tried in my wasteful ways to keep you moving around me
-That’s not how it works-
I remember you warning me before I was burned by flares and thrown for a whirlwind again

I found my craters deepening
You are a sun
And light only travels so far
I fill them with memories that eventually disappear like far off cosmic lights
Sometimes I feel like I hold no more oxygen

Sometimes I watch a sunrise
And the moon is still visible
Making small glances as you pass by
Maybe one day the moon will learn
Maybe one day I’ll try

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You walk into a coffee shop and someone looks at you, straight at you, and you notice, maybe even hardly notice. They sit at a small wooden table, with Great Expectations in their hands, and you wonder what they’re thinking. Maybe they’re wondering how your day was, maybe they think you’re…

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I’m far from broke
Further from rich
And I can’t live the life I envisioned as a kid

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