i’m having trouble processing my surroundings right now


i’m having trouble processing my surroundings right now

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I don’t want to be cute
I want you to push me against a wall
And kiss me like planets are colliding
Don’t hold my hand
Grab my ass and ask me if I like it
Kiss my forehead and I’ll kill you
Kiss my neck and my body is yours
Trace your fingers down my stomach
Never over my cheek
My mind can’t commit to you
But my body will be yours for now
I’m too scared to love you (via mayaashleym)

This is awesome

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At work snippet

Woke up in darkness and braced for the light
Find a stranger waking
And breaking your heart
Their face isn’t traced the way that person before was
That person before has such great placement
Oh well,
Maybe I’ll find out I’ve been in a coma
And see myself back in the place I started from
Give me this reason
Open up the door
Close the past and brace for my fall

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Four Haikus for Broken Hearts


So many times I wait
for you, with arms wide open
and you say to me

This is not my dream
I’m living in, and parts of
me are missing from

Your love notes wrote to
me, alone, I stand in rain
but I hope for snow

To cover what I
was once when, we met and I
was happier then

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Waiting and Wasted song

I’m alive
Disguised inside
And I can’t drive all night
The reason I am free
Lays awake angry as I stay asleep

Don’t really know what we do this for
-You don’t wanna talk to me anymore-
One more thing!
Can I say?
-Cut me short like a hand grenade-
Wine was left out by the couch
Knocked it over when you kicked me out
Love undid a bed we made
I didn’t wanna sleep in anyway

Am I lost without you?
Am lost without you?
Should I climb in through the window
With you waiting for me to do so
I’ll sweep you off your feet
And tell you anything
But here I am
Wasted and Waiting

Wishing that we wouldn’t fight like this
Not every night can end with a kiss
I know that, and you know me
You’re gonna talk and I’ll fall asleep
Wake up with the blame in hand
Just don’t send me away again
Just tell me all the right things to say
I didn’t want to go to sleep anyway

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New song snippet

Under this moonlight
Under a spell so harmless I lose sight
And move like
I’m under the influence of things
And I’m trying everything to get me back again,

Sometimes you no place to go
I know

Rain Sleet, No sleep and Hail Snow
I paint a vivid picture, moisture mixture of things
So I can sing. Don’t ever lose hope

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I Didn’t Mind


My days have been hazy

Lately, but maybe

It’s him you’ve been thinking

About, while we’re clinking

Wine glasses and drinking

And fine is the place

Where rewind and erase

Is the only look

On my teary eyed face

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End of work snippet

Pick your poison from my veins like a pocket
We can play roulette games like Russians inside a fridge in darkness
The light only makes its appearance for a second this winter
This is my second winter
This is my last chance
And your barrel is never full of bullets while mine’s a full clip
Pull it
They say he once found what he lost and sold it for a chance at love
He shot for the stars and landed in something less than mud
And if you follow his dirty footprints you’ll find them inside of every pub
Unsettled and mismatched his steps pondering where to be going and where he was
No one asks him his name they ask in vain “you’re on private property” but all he heard was “you’re mocking me”
Lonely outcast with appetite for disastrous spells of attractive acrobatic freefalls
Let’s see how long this plays before he free falls
“He’s seen it all”
But not really, just too much of one thing in that one thing he saw it all
And reached for her hand mid air while she laughed it off

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Freestyle snippet of…

I woke up,
Why did I drink so much?
I dream of you when I go to bed wrecked
I found,
I’m asking myself the wrong question
Why aren’t I drinking enough to dance with your ghost down flower petal staircases
Where I can stare in amazement
And you laugh off my smiles like stuttering words?
Why do I live to be awake
If I live in your wake under the sprawling trees when I sleep
I think I know them from a picture i saw of you after the last time I saw you
It’s been so long now and I feel foolish
Fools fall in love they say
Fools also take their throats and they tie them up like cans behind a “just married” truck
And in the night I can sleep with you
Right now I sleep for you
And I wake drenched in thirsty layers
-They ask me for favors-
I wonder if it was windy that day
When I saw your back for the last time without saying goodbye
Sometimes in my sleep I forget to say a goodbye
And those dreams seem more of a nightmare than now
And I know it’s been forever but it always feels like now
So tonight I’ll leave here and I’ll find myself proud when I start sipping and sinking till my eyes start to go down
I’ll remind you in my dreams tonight, don’t let me wake up now

Cover of “What Sarah Said” by Death Cab For Cutie with a mashup ending that includes parts from “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service and “We Are” by Ed Sheeran. Looping was created using a Boss RC-30 Loop Station and an Art & Lutherie Ami Almond Acoustic Guitar.

By Christian Latson



Five days were left
untouched, as I stayed
in bed with the
covers pulled up.

Enough was enough—
all I wanted was to
keep my eyes shut.

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Old firefly

Fireflies are, in a sense, the closest stars in the sky.
But, their luminous blessings are really glorious cries
They utilize to distract the world from the hurt in their eyes
I mean, even the moon through it’s adolescent crescents
Grows wearisome shining every summer night in reprise
Further disguising their affection through glass traps next to bedsides
Whispering warnings to those who oppress and imprison their light

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Rhyming snippet

All of the madness I have is sadness
But less than that fat kid who’s last picked
I need to feed on someone fat cause my habit’s bad
I been eating my own fists
Like a cannibalistic locust
Psyching myself in and out of focus
I’m in and out of the lowest places where lonely spaces rest
Can’t even get a dollar without a nickel, dime and ninety cents
This interest seems like a waste to pay back so now it’s just a hopeless mess
I know too well that with a PO box I could flip drugs and see it progress
Have a few dollars kept
Spend it on nonsense and long stems sent to my girlfriend’s address
Making all her friends some jealous wrecks
Then somehow my fucking conscience snitches to my common sense
Neither can speak with a clouded head so now come down off that mountain and vent
About how eight bucks an hour leaves you barely enough counted for rent
Bare faced rage awakened from hibernation who overslept
I wake to new days
And don’t wait for a new grace
I knew too many who lose face,
Weakened by a preacher who takes a word and spins it in two ways
But sometimes I miss the way communion tastes